Hempire (2019/2020)

Role: UX & UI Designer
Client: LBC Studios
Time Frame: October 2019 – January 2020
Engine: Unity


I joined LBC’s Hempire team temporarily to provide support to the Live Ops team in making UI/UX improvements. This included new long-term feature plans, as well as updating smaller features and HUD assets.


The Hempdex serves as a visual compilation of the every city item the player owns, which city items they still have to acquire to complete their collection, and how much they’re worth.

It was designed with the intention of both being a catalogue, as well as a motivation for players to “collect them all”.

Store 2.0

The store will be redesigned to follow best practices and maximize KPIs particularly conversion and ARPPU. To help mitigate Engineering work, the design was pulled back to an MVP, which included a redesign of the special deals popup.

HUD Icons Update

HUD Icons were reworked for clarity and scannability, reducing visual noice while maintaining familiar traits where possible.