Lancepad (2019/2020)

Role: Product Designer
Time Frame: September 2019 – April 2020


Lancepad was a tool that helped freelancers manage projects and clients in an end-to-end workflow. It launched its MVP/beta in January 2020, and was designed and developed by Madi Calvert and Dylan Dumesnil.


Playing off the name, the logo was designed to evoke a feeling of growth, independance, and a bit of fun.

Landing Site

Before engaging with the tool, users were presented with an overview and sales pitch for Lancepad.

We wanted to emphasize to users that Lancepad was a tool for small creators—not businesses—and express transparency in the product and its development.

My Pad

A user’s pad served as a hub for their store, dashboard, and social platforms—anything a fan or customer would need to know at a glance.

Through a tabbed profile, users had flexiblity to opt-in to private feeds, premade and custom content sales, filtering, and more tools that would allow them to engage with their followers and run their business.

Listing Manager

For the MVP, users could create listings for custom and premade content, and additional questionnaires.

The system was built to be as flexible as possible, allowing for multiple different listing types, sample images, pricing structures, and more. Opting for maximum flexibility meant we did not need to restrict users to physical goods and premade content, unlike competitors at the time.


The dashboard served as a user’s personal project management tool, and a way to communicate with customers on order progress and status.

Due to the nature of creative sales, we chose a visual tile system with integrated communication. Ths allowed the management of multiple one-off customers and projects, seen more commonly than a large-scale business.